To the Ancient Scotland Introduction...


All pictures copyright © 1998 Martin McCarthy

Auchterarder - looking South West Looking south-west towards Muirton; Auchterarder is behind the camera. The near stone is on a bank by the road. The stone in the middle distance really is in the middle of the junction. Makes a lot of sense to design the road like that, don't you think? Large image (114k)
Auchterarder - looking North-East Looking from the opposite direction. The middle stone is carved. Large image (46k)
Don't put roads around stones If you're driving down this road and you don't bear left or turn right at this junction, this is the part of the megalith that your bumper would connect with. Which might explain all those scratches and why the stone is at such an odd angle. Large image (62k)
Auchterarder - Hand carving On the lower edge of this stone is a carving of a hand. Large image (43k)
Auchterarder - Hand carving An enhanced close-up of the hand. Large image (43k)
On the outskirts of Auchterarder, at the junction of two minor roads, are three megaliths right by the roadside. Well, two are at the roadside and one is in the middle of the road. Paint marks, scrapes and scratches, and the fact that the stone has obviously been poorly reseated in its socket after a collision bears testament to the fact that the person planning the layout of roads must have been taking far too many of the wrong kinds of drugs.

Of the two stones that are on a bank at the side of the road, one has deep pits on one side that may not be natural, and a carving of a hand on the other.