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Inchmahome Priory (Lake of Menteith)

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pics/thumb/inch-IR4.jpg Looking east to the entrance of the nave, with the bell tower to the left of the doorway.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR6.jpg Looking from the west end of the nave towards the presbytery window.
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pics/thumb/Inch1.jpg Interior view of the east window of the choir. Between the two leftmost lancets is carved a human head.
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pics/thumb/Head1.jpg The carving of a head at the upper junction of two lancets in the east window.
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pics/thumb/Inch2.jpg The Choir and the east window, as seen from the Nave.
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pics/thumb/Inch5.jpg Exterior view of the east window of the choir.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR5.jpg The bell tower entrance from inside the nave.
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pics/thumb/Inch6.jpg One of the arches in the north side of the Nave, looking out
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pics/thumb/Inch3.jpg A view of the warming house.
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pics/thumb/Inch4.jpg View of the priory from the south-west. You see, from the left: the West Range; the Nave; the Chapter House; the East Range.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR1.jpg Looking north across the south range to the cloister, with the nave and bell tower beyond.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR2.jpg Looking north towards the latrine block and warming house. The roofed building is the chapter house.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR3.jpg Looking northeast across the cloister.
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pics/thumb/Slab1.jpg Part of a graveslab with thick interlacing.
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pics/thumb/Slab2.jpg Part of a graveslab with a fine interlaced cross.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR7.jpg View from the priory island, looking west to the mainland.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR8.jpg Looking south to a neighbouring island where there are castle ruins.
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pics/thumb/inch-IR9.jpg Wooded paths give access to the whole island.
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On the largest of the islands in the Lake of Menteith (this is Scotland's only 'lake' as opposed to 'loch'!) stand the ruins of the priory of Inchmahome.

Mary, Queen of Scots, stayed here in 1547. Not that that is especially notable...where didn't she stay?

The priory was founded in the early 13th Century for a small community of the Augustinian order (the Black Canons) by the earl of Menteith, Walter Comyn. It would seem that his reason for founding the priory was so that the prayers of the canons would ensure the salvation of his soul.

The Chapter House (recently re-roofed) contains several effigies and gravestones, including a rather splendid effigy of Walter Stewart who died in 1295.