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Standing Stones at Moulin (Danes Stone; Pitfourie; Balnakeilly)

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pics/thumb/MoulinA1.jpg Danes Stone, looking east
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pics/thumb/MoulinA2.jpg Looking south
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pics/thumb/MoulinA3.jpg Looking west
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pics/thumb/MoulinA4.jpg Looking north
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pics/thumb/MoulinA5.jpg Detail, looking north
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pics/thumb/MoulinA6.jpg The arrow at the base of the stone indicates north
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pics/thumb/MoulinB1.jpg Balnakeilly stone looking northeast - north is indicated by the arrow at the base of the stone.
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pics/thumb/MoulinB2.jpg The convenient yardstick stands six feet five inches tall.
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pics/thumb/MoulinB3.jpg Looking southwest
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pics/thumb/MoulinB4.jpg Looking northwest
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Danes Stone

This splendid megalith, a little over seven feet tall, was once considered to be part of a circle. However there seems to be little evidence to back this up. It is undressed and oriented approximately north-south.


This dressed slab stands almost eight feet tall.