Pobull Fhinn

Corunna, Western Isles
Stone Circle
Also known as Sornach Coir Fhinn; Pobuill Fhinn

The stone circle of Pobull Fhinn--translated variously as Finn's People, the White People or the Holy People--stands on an artificial platform on the south side of Beinn Langais with scenic views to the south over Loch Langais and to the east towards the peak of Lì a Deas.

The ring is actually a flattened ellipse, some 38 metres by 28 metres, with the long axis running roughly east-west. At either end of the long axis are pairs of portal stones forming two entrances.

It is an easy walk from parking at a nearby hotel and, if you get weather as good as during my visit, is in a beautiful setting. (It may be beautiful in any weather, but I wouldn't know about that!)


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