Barpa Langass

Corunna, Western Isles
Chambered Cairn
Also known as Bharpa Langass; Bharpa Langais

On the north side of Beinn Langais, and just half a mile from the stone circle of Pobull Fhinn, is a large circular cairn 25 metres in diameter and 5 metres high. From the east side of the tomb a passage leads to a wide chamber.

I recommend staying outside of this tomb if you suffer from claustraphobia, or don't like the dark, or if you have friends who like to play tricks. There is a tale of a visitor to this tomb who squeezed his way in with great effort, and then exited with much greater speed and skill after--so he says--something kicked him in the kidneys. Yes, it's a stupid superstitious story; but after visiting the tomb you can't help but wonder....


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