Temple Wood
Slockavullin, Kilmartin, Argyll
Stone Circle
All pictures and text copyright ©1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Martin McCarthy

The beautifully placed stone circle at Temple Wood in the Kilmartin valley.

The circle is about 40 feet (twelve metres) in diameter.

Originally there was a circle of 22 stones. Three of these stones have been carved: one with a number of concentric circles; another with two spirals - one on each of two adjoining faces with the ends of the spirals meeting at the edge; and a third with cup-marks.

In the centre of the circle a kerb-cairn was constructed over a cist in which cremated bones were found.

Two cairns were built over cists outside the stone circle.

Later a large cairn was built up which covered the inner cairn, the stone circle and the two outer cairns.

Post holes from another stone circle were found just a little way from the main Temple Wood circle.